Petit Exhibition

Petit Exhibition

Galerie Taménaga × Bernard Buffet

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1969 年の開廊以来、ピカソやシャガールなどの西洋絵画の名匠を扱うとともに、現代フランス画壇の代表作家を紹介。 近年では、日本を含めアジアや欧米の世界各地に視野を広げ、具象から抽象、リアリズムまでさまざまなジャンルの作家の紹介に尽力しています。
Since opening in 1969, the gallery has exhibited paintings by western masters like Picasso and Chagall, while also introducing works by iconic French contemporary artists. In recent years, they have expanded their lineup to include artists from Asia, including Japan, as well as those from other European countries, introducing names that practice in a wide range of genres from figurative to abstract and realism.
アンドレ・コタボ 《バラのブーケ》 116×81cm
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